I have moved!

My head hurts! I’ve spent the last week migrating from WordPress.com to my own domain. It wasn’t easy but I got there in the end.

I hope my small number of readers will follow me to my new site, which looks very similar (by the way). The address is:


Thanks to WordPress for hosting me here. It’s been a great place to begin learning about blogging but I really wanted a bit more flexibility in terms of widgets and plugins and general functionality. I have stuck with the WordPress software.

See you soon at:



Trust and influence

I received an email from a PR consultant at a high profile agency in Sydney today. He was offering me access to a report that was commissioned by the agency on the topic of trust. I’m quite flattered! In keeping with the theme, I’ll have to disclose a bit more information about myself before accepting the offer.

Timely letter to the editor

I loved this letter to the editor in today’s Australian Financial Review (I would link to the AFR website but the content is only available to subscribers).

The letter was submitted by David Beattie of Mont Albert, Victoria:

A great little club

As a small investor, I’d like to wish all the Australian finance insiders – the fund managers, executives, merchant bankers and lawyers – a great year. Although I could never aspire to your earnings, it’s great that my investment funds let me assist your wealth by voting for ever rising executive pay and allowing more and more bonuses and payments to high-priced bankers and lawyers. That fact that you guys are all friends – and therefore know how to reward each other with my money – makes it even better.

Surely, the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the subsequent credit exposure for the banks is a result of the cosy relationships that exist in the finance sector – a small community of wealthy people lining their pockets at the expense of the common man.

Unlike Enron, this fraudulent activity is endemic to an entire industry, which makes it hard to point the finger and provides Government with no option but to bail the banks out with our money!

Just heard that the Australian stock exchange lost $30bn today amid fears about a US recession.

Pimp my legacy

So Bush wants to bring peace and stability to the Middle East – what a laugh!? What do lame duck leaders and retired politicians do, they go to the Middle East in search of peace? Blair and now Bush being the most recent examples. Has Bush just learnt about the Palestinian problem? Things may have been very different had he started here rather than in Afghanistan, post September 11. The hypocrisy and front that our leaders so often display staggers me. Staggers me. Yet it continues apace and right under our noses, one can only hope that the ‘mood for change’ that seems to be sweeping the developed world – Rudd, Sarkozy, Obama (maybe) – will lead to actual change and a more long sighted, fair and humanitarian view of the world.

Error message what?

For the last two weeks, I haven’t been able to buy anything in the Apple iTunes Store. Every attempt generated an error message number 5002. No further explanation of what I needed to do in order to resolve this issue within the error message and complete gobbledygook within the Apple Support pages. Its been a very frustrating experience and problem and one that has effected many people based on the number of entries on various message boards. Eventually, I found that by changing my password I could solve the problem. It seems odd that Apple iTunes is still issuing error notes in code language – the error message should tell the user exactly what they need to do or refer them to a page, which explains what steps they should take. It seems odd that Apple hasn’t got to this stage yet especially when you consider that iTunes is updated every five minutes. 

Hong Kong Return Leg

I am writing from Hong Kong. Half way back to Sydney. I got upgraded to Premium Economy – what a result! I gave the check-in girl a Nigella Lawson cookbook because my baggage was over the 27kg allowance but had no idea until I got to my seat. Had a great trip back to Europe, including 4 days in Andalucia, Spain. It was great to see the family and spend time with friends. Back to Summer in Sydney and work!

Reading a book called the House of Bush and the House of Saud. It is making me angry… 

Hong Kong

I am writing from Hong Kong as I wait for my flight back to London. Going home to see the family for Christmas and looking forward to it. Feeling very festive, having spent four nights in HK where Christmas caroles have been piped into every public space that I visited, where Hotel staff opened and closed every conversation with ‘Seasons Greetings’ and where I have seen Christmas displays that would rival anything in London. I also visited Macau on this trip, which took the Christmas theme a step further again. We flew by helicopter from Hong Kong. I am now waiting at Gate 36 with free wifi courtesy of PCCW. Hong Kong is a great place but I was struck by its thirst for energy – lights everywhere, everything automated, air conditioning set to ‘frosty’, busy busy business everywhere.

The last few weeks have been hectic at work, spent a lot of time on work or personal social dos when not in the office. So no time to blog. Will hopefully find some more over the holidays but there’s no guarantee. I never got around to blog about the Social Networking and Business Collaboration event that I attended in Sydney.

Seasons Greetings  – one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to become a serious blogger.